A New Start

At this time I have decided to switch my vocal repertoire to something in keeping with the changes in my voice.  I was told by many voice teachers, coaches and agents that I was a heroic soprano – they used to say my voice was a cross between Birgit Nilsson and Kirsten Flagstad, but bigger than both going at the same time.

Many times early in my singing career, I would bring a more lyric placement that took greater concentration mentally but far less breath and effort than the dramatic soprano placement to my teachers, accompanists and coaches.  I was told by one and all, “You are a dramatic soprano.  Why would you want to sing what everyone else is singing?”

They set aside that I had great coloratura facility and range up to the high F as in  Queen of the Night.  They also set aside that it took me two days to recover from a heavy Wagner sing to be fresh again – and that when I sang the leggiera rep the voice worked all the time and recovered immediately.

So now I am at an age where I have sung all the dramatic soprano repertoire.  I have had some fine European agents and some of the best coaches, and I am simply tired of singing the heavy rep – and I have sung it all. 

They say there is a time when you don’t care what people think.  You will just state the truth.  I am there, and I want to continue singing as long as I can and as well as I can, so I have made the emotional / mental adjustment to the light lyric repertoire and at this age, that’s where I belong. 

For any singer or musician the switch from Bruenhilde to Pamina is nothing short of cataclysmic, but for the safety of my chords, I am doing it.

I have learned that there is an optimum balance physically – in ballet (with my fused back) I can do everything but with a more restricted range – and in time I will do it well.  So it is with my voice – and I choose a well-balanced vocal production that allows me to sing with less than half of my normal asthma meds – and that’s to the good.

This blog is intended to be a discussion of all things musical and artistic that I hold dear.  It will chronicle my personal artistic development  and the truth-seeking journey I am on.  I can only hope that those who have heard me in opera and recital will understand that I choose health and functionality and musical expression versus flash.  At this age I have earned it.


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